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We are a Domestic and Industrial water supply company, here to give you solutions to your water needs.

1. Tank cleaning.

Testing of pipes, tank cleaning, Dust suppression to provide a self-sufficient, more automated water collection system. Rainwater harvesting, Above ground water storage solutions and Underground storage solutions. Enquire today about our water storage solutions

2. Domestic Emergency Supply.

We are able to provide contingency plans for the provision of temporary safe drinking water supplies in emergencies large and small. Citi Aqua has the solution or possibly just hours during short term water outage or weeks and months during a major supply interruption.

3. Industrial and Construction Water Supply.

We have provided temporary drinking water solutions to civil engineering projects and construction sites. Once contracted we will do a direct delivery to you. We are now able to provide 10,000 liter tanker deliveries where you have water shortage for the tanker to off load into.

Water is in very short supply in many parts of Nairobi. In recent years, the increase use of water in home environment, office, construction sites etc and the rise of residential apartments means that Nairobi water and Sewerage Company is almost not able to meet the rising demand for clean water. There are regular warnings on our local dailies of water shortages. These combined with drought conditions, global warming and the forecast disruption to rain patterns, many people are turning to alternative sources of water. Furthermore, the cost of clean water is rising steadily.

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