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Citi Aqua is a Nairobi based private water company. We supply clean water for domestic and industrial use, on contract or emergency basis. We also clean both industrial and domestic tanks. Our company is dedicated to offering the best possible solution to emergency water supply cases. Established in 2010, Citi Aqua has risen from supplying water in a 3000 L tanker to a total of 28,000L tankers. This is because we were able to acquire and keep customers who were always ready to recommend our services.

Citi Aqua has been able to participate in corporate social responsibility, where we supply water for free in a disaster stricken areas; for instance we supplied water to Red Cross when they had a blood donation exercise at Uhuru Park. We have also participated in firefighting in various areas within our reach.
Citi Aqua has 14 employees as per January 2017. The number could rise as we plan to venture into water packaging, event water supply and mobile water bowser. We hope to help them and their families achieve a higher standard of living.

Citi Aqua has contracts with both local and multinational companies besides deliveries to domestic estates and homes. Most of the contracts are on a “pay on a monthly basis”, thus we can be able to hold a large scale supply even up to 1.2 Million Liters in a single month. This has been possible because of a good credit relationship between our bank account holders and our customers. With this advantage, many companies are turning to us because they want to avoid cash on delivery which can be an avenue to fraud. Non contractual deliveries are booked on our website www.citiaqua.co.ke or through our Facebook page “Citi Aqua”. Then a delivery is done within a maximum of 2 hours waiting period. This has help to manage and track our customers.

Citi Aqua plans: to buy 5 more water trucks over the next 2 years that will help expand our network to places experiencing water shortage in order to achieve a “just in time” delivery policy ;buy portable water bowsers fit for construction sites and events increasing employment by 100% . The company has already ordered high pressure tank cleaning machines that will boost our Tank Cleaning Division. The company also has plans to launch an app where clients can be able to track their deliveries. We look forward to establishing long lasting working relationships through exceptional service and fulfilling the commitments we make to our valued customers through timely and rapid delivery of clean water whenever they need it.

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